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Paar-Geschichten: Darius und Arsu
10. Januar 2017
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17. Januar 2017

Stop the fight!

If you find yourself in a relationship that is deteriorating as rising arguments, escalating fights and bitter battles take over,  and  „Stop fighting with my partner“ is on your list of New Year’s resolutions,  I recommend a truely wonderful, wise and (yes!) fun book for couples:  Stop the fight! by Michelle Brody, Ph.D.

Brody describes 12 typical topics that most of my clients argue over again and again.

They might sound familiar to you:

  • The Partner Improvement Fight
  • The Prove Your Point Fight
  • The Nagging-Tuning Out Fight
  • The Escalating Fight
  • The Household Responsibilities Fight
  • The Birthday Fight
  • The Bad Reputation Fight
  • The You-Don’t-Care-About-Me Fight
  • The Sex Fight
  • The Money Fight
  • The Parenting Differences Fight
  • The Difficult Relatives Fight

What makes this book outstanding is Brody’s capacity to convey a deep understanding for the fighting couple’s complex dynamic that is both very professional, indeed profound and yet very easy to understand. She conveys very clear, down-to-earth advice and yet never oversimplifies the dynamics of disappointment, outrage and selfrightousness in relational conflicts. Plus: her illustrations are great. Hilarious, in fact.