Detailaufnahme von Holzfiguren aus der Detail einer Bodenvase mit Zweigen in der Praxis für Paartherapie, Julia Bellabarba, Berlin

Couples therapy in Berlin-Mitte

My practice for couples therapy and relationship counselling is located in Berlin-Mitte, and is conveniently located between Gendarmenmarkt and the Museum for Communication. It is just three minutes walk from U Stadtmitte (U2 and U6).

Get in touch with me by email to to arrange an initial consultation. I usually respond to requests within 24 hours. As a first step, I will  send you an email with information about my way of working and my conditions.

You can be assured that everything you say to me will be treated with utmost confidentiality, right from the very first time you get in touch.

Would you still like to know a little bit more before getting in touch? Perhaps you can find some answers to any questions you may have in the FAQs.

“Couples therapy can become a rite of passage. The only requirement is to get somewhere where you currently are not. But you cannot do anything else, anyway: Indeed, you can only go where you are not already. Perhaps we can go a little of this way together.”

Arnold Retzer, Passagen – Systemische Erkundungen (2002)