Detailaufnahme von Holzfiguren aus der Detail einer Bodenvase mit Zweigen in der Praxis für Paartherapie, Julia Bellabarba, Berlin

Client voices

Client feedback shows that crises can be utilised productively and that couples therapy can be a great help. These testimonials are representative of the various feedback I receive from my clients.

“We have benefited greatly from our discussions with you. The homework tasks were interesting. We have come a great step forward. Now we can continue to make progress on our own.”

“I spend a long time thinking about what you said following our discussions. I can now take a much more relaxed attitude to everything.”

“We have stopped fighting. The couples therapy played a large role in this. Of course, we had to change ourselves a lot, too. It was worth it.”

“We saved our marriage following this crisis. I was not very confident, because my husband was blaming me for everything. He did not want to come at first. But it worked.”

“I feel closer to my wife now. Before the therapy, I thought that we were really just living separate lives and are only staying together for the children. Now we are back on the same wavelength.”

“We almost broke up, and we have three children. That would have been a very bad decision. But we fought our way through it. We should have done couples therapy much earlier.”

“After the affair, we had to start again from scratch. That was tough. Things won’t ever be back like they were, but the therapy has helped a lot. We have realised that our marriage is strong.”

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“Couples therapy can become a rite of passage. The only requirement is to get somewhere where you currently are not. But you cannot do anything else, anyway: Indeed, you can only go where you are not already. Perhaps we can go a little of this way together.”

Arnold Retzer, Passagen – Systemische Erkundungen (2002)