Detailaufnahme von Holzfiguren aus der Detail einer Bodenvase mit Zweigen in der Praxis für Paartherapie, Julia Bellabarba, Berlin

International clients

I think and work in German, English, and Italian. A key focus of my work is assisting couples and families who have cultural differences and are active in international living and working environments.

I myself grew up in a trilingual family environment, have lived in four countries, and can also observe the differences between three different cultures in my own family, with my husband and children.

My experience has taught me that there are typical conflict patterns which lead to relationship problems among international couples. These include:

  • Cultural and linguistic differences
  • Feelings of rootlessness, alienation and impermanence
  • Feelings of inequality or injustice when one partner has left their home country for reasons of love
  • Differences in the ability and willingness to adapt to the new “home”
  • A lack of social contact, networks, and family support
  • Fear of losing the children in the event of a separation, due to large geographical distance


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“Couples therapy can become a rite of passage. The only requirement is to get somewhere where you currently are not. But you cannot do anything else, anyway: Indeed, you can only go where you are not already. Perhaps we can go a little of this way together.”

Arnold Retzer, Passagen – Systemische Erkundungen (2002)