When can couples therapy help?

Couples that come to me have found themselves in a crisis. But their individual situations differ enormously:

The relationship is defined by boredom, fear of change, jealousy, anger and confrontation.
The couple’s desire for a child is causing problems.
The partners must make difficult decisions or are considering separation.
The partners are finding that the mental or physical illnesses of one of the partners is putting a significant burden on the relationship.
They feel “burnt out” as a couple.


Couples therapy is helpful when couples are stuck in patterns that do not make them happy, when differences keep resulting in arguments, or when a once-loving relationship threatens to end.

These are some of the things I focus on in my work with couples:

  • Anger and frustration in the relationship
  • Couples on the brink: deciding to separate
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Unfulfilled desire for a chid
  • Unfaithfulness, three-way relationships and jealousy
  • Intercultural conflicts

My clients include many multicultural couples with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, which result in very specific relationship problems.

You can find out more about typical conflict patterns between multicultural partners under international clients.

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“Where there are men and women who have come away and changed themselves, I believe that it is not melodrama, but a certain degree of personal autonomy, a couple’s culture of dealing with problems and “sentimental education”, that have been present and led to an acceptance of the imperfection of love.”

Rosemarie Welter-Enderlin