Getting help

For some, these times aren’t simply stressful, exhausting and hard to cope with. For some, these times can be life threatening. For women and children whose lives are marked by domestic violence, being at home in isolation can mean facing a life and death situation.

Most victims of severe, sometimes lethal, physical abuse at home are women and children.

Through my professional experience I’m well aware of the fact that sometimes men are victims of domestic abuse (be it physical or emotional), too. And that often enough men do not seek out any help for themselves – statistics barely know them.

Stop escalating

Obviously there are quite a few couples who are mutually violently towards each other. In this respect, I’d like to point out a project run by Caritas in Berlin -Mitte. It’s called Jetzt mal anders-ohne Gewalt and is aimed at couples who want to work on their abusive patterns together
At the moment, they offer counselling sessions by phone, in English and other languages. Their number is 030-6663347.

Get help now

If you`re worried about someone near you call the police! You can do so anonymously and your call is going to be treated confidentially.

The Violence against Women Hotline offers advice on all forms of violence, including domestic abuse. Call 08000-116016 if you are worried about yourself or your children. Counselling is anonymous, confidential and in 17 different languages, 24 hours a day!

The Violence against Women Hotline offers support to friends, neighbors or acquaintances who are worried about someone, too.

Stay safe and look out.